Calculate maximum mortgage

30 Nov

Calculate mortgage

Calculate mortgage

With the Astro Finance calculation tool, it is also easy in 2019 to calculate your mortgage yourself online. The various choices you make when calculating the mortgage, such as your income, the possible contribution of your own money and the purchase price of the house, have an influence on the monthly payments and the maximum mortgage. Once you have calculated the most suitable mortgage, you can also directly apply for the mortgage yourself. We will then contact you within 24 hours for a free initial consultation to discuss your wishes and your personal situation. This way you will receive a quick answer to your questions.

Calculate the maximum mortgage that you can get

Calculate the maximum mortgage that you can get

By calculating the maximum mortgage, you immediately know what you can borrow in 2019 for the purchase of a house. The amount of that amount depends on various factors, such as your age (over-65s or not), other loans, ground lease, alimony and income from free assets. If you opt for a shorter fixed-interest period, the maximum mortgage will also be lower than with a longer fixed-interest period.

Calculate monthly mortgage payments

In addition to the maximum mortgage, most people also want to know what the final monthly mortgage payments will be in 2019. The Astro Finance calculation module automatically calculates the monthly costs of the mortgage based on your data. When calculating the monthly mortgage payments, there is a difference between gross and net monthly payments. The paid mortgage interest is in fact tax deductible and is therefore called the gross monthly costs. The premiums for, for example, the associated insurance are not tax deductible and therefore net. The net mortgage monthly payments depend on the amount of the tax refund.

Calculate your mortgage online

Calculating the mortgage online gives you insight into what you can borrow in 2019 and the associated costs. However, not everyone wants to borrow the maximum amount in order to retain more financial room. The monthly costs are not the only costs with a mortgage. Also count on purchase costs, such as the costs for a notary who takes care of the transfer of ownership and the mortgage advice. In addition, the monthly housing costs not only consist of the mortgage, but also, for example, home and household insurance, energy and municipal taxes. Try to gain insight into all purchase costs and housing costs in order to gain insight into your financial situation after taking out a mortgage.

Calculate help with mortgage payments

You may experience problems when calculating the mortgage costs, for example because there are special circumstances in your situation in 2019. It is then not always possible to calculate the mortgage online. If you encounter problems when calculating the maximum mortgage or applying for the mortgage, you can always seek the help of one of our mortgage advisors. They can then calculate your maximum mortgage or apply for the desired mortgage.