Consolidation Loan

24 Mar

Consolidation is a merger, and in the financial dimension it is possible to talk about adding up all financial liabilities charged to a given entity in order to reduce the amount of regularly repaid capital and interest installments. When, how and who can take out a consolidation loan? has details

Several loans in one

Several loans in one

Consumer loan, car loan, mortgage loan, credit card and overdraft line as well as loan – at one time we can have several different financial obligations on credit and loan institutions on our account. As a result, our home budget is burdened with several capital and interest installments, repaid in different amounts and at different dates.

For arranging the financial situation and reducing the total repayment of installments, you can decide to take a consolidation loan in the bank. It is a specific, purposeful commitment, intended for the repayment of existing loans and credits previously drawn. When granting a consolidation loan at the request of the borrower, the bank does not pay him money on the account, he only settles accounts at the institutions in which the customer is indebted. At once, all liabilities are repaid, and the borrower settles with only one new creditor, paying him a monthly installment.

Two basic types of consolidation loans can be distinguished: cash and mortgage. Securing a mortgage with a bank entry in the land and mortgage register means that a consolidation loan can be granted on very preferential terms, but in return for a lower interest rate and monthly installments, we “pledge” our own flat or house.

Is this a good solution?

Is this a good solution?

The advantage of a consolidation loan is to organize its financial obligations – all existing ones can be repaid by the bank in which the client incurs a consolidation loan, which will make the borrower pay only one installment for the creditor. The amount of the installment is usually lower than the sum of previously repaid installments. Together with the consolidation loan, you can receive an additional amount of funds for any use.

A consolidation loan is recommended to people with good financial standing and high creditworthiness who do not have to pay any repayments. A consolidation loan can never be equated with a debt loan. The bank will not give such an obligation to someone who has negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau and has, so far, paid capital and interest installments.

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