Creditworthiness, check how you can improve it!

Are you ready for winter sales, want to go on a foreign vacation or plan to buy an apartment, but you realize that without a loan, you probably have no chance to make your dreams come true? Check what you should do to improve your quotes in the bank’s eyes.

Each bank has its own internal regulations, which are guided by considering loan applications. Some banks provide loans willingly, others act more cautiously and require their clients to meet many different conditions. One thing is certain – no bank will grant a loan without first checking the applicant’s creditworthiness. Assessing this ability is a key element of any credit procedure. It depends on it whether the bank decides to grant a loan or to submit the application.

What is creditworthiness?

Creditworthiness is the ability to repay a contracted liability with interest determined in a specified time.

When checking the creditworthiness of the applicant, the bank takes into account first of all:

  • amount of income earned,
  • monthly maintenance costs, such as rent or utilities,
  • the number of current liabilities – loans (including those in which the applicant acts as a guarantor), loans, credit cards, account limits, etc.,
  • Applicant’s credit history available at the Credit Information Bureau (BIK) – that is whether the existing liabilities were settled on time.
  • Other information about the applicant may also be relevant to the bank, such as age, marital status, number of dependents, education, place and work experience, etc.

What to look after before applying for a loan?

What to look after before applying for a loan?

When trying to get a loan, especially a large loan, it is worth not only to carefully analyze your financial possibilities, but also to take care of your creditworthiness in advance. How to do it?

Check your creditworthiness – review your BIK report to make sure your credit history is positive.

Take care of timely payment of receivables – the creditworthiness is very much influenced by whether you pay your liabilities within the prescribed time. For the bank, it is information whether you are an honest customer or not. Your credibility drops when your arrears exceed 30 days. To make sure you do not pay anything, pay off your liabilities ahead of schedule instead of leaving it for the last minute.

Do not incur any new obligations and refrain from making purchases in installments – if you think about taking out a loan for a larger amount, make sure that your existing liabilities have been repaid. At least to receive a reply from the bank, do not take out a new loan (even for a small amount) and cancel the installment.

Cancel or reduce your credit card – even if you do not use the credit card or personal account limits when applying for a loan, the bank will take them into account. It assumes that you can start using the limits as soon as you receive the loan.

Show employment stability – the bank, next to the amount of the salary, also looks at the type of contract of the applicant. The safest form of employment (from a bank’s point of view) is a contract of employment, preferably signed for an indefinite period. Getting a loan when you are a self-employed person or working on a contract or an assignment contract is obviously possible, but the bank will certainly request a detailed income confirmation.

Be careful with credit guarantee – if you plan to ask the bank for a large loan, do not take out a loan for another person. The sponsors’ data is also transferred to the BIK system, and any delay in payment negatively affects the assessment of your creditworthiness.

Do not make too many credit inquiries to several banks – remember that all applications for a loan or loan submitted by you will be visible in BIK. The more they are, the lower the rating of your creditworthiness will be. Before sending the application, make the selection and submit the documents only in selected institutions. It is a good idea to use the help of a credit counselor who will analyze your financial situation and indicate banks in which the chances to borrow the expected amount are the highest.

Consider taking a loan with another person (parent, sibling, partner) – in some situations, this is the only way to get a loan. A joint loan is an additional security for the bank, because the borrowers are jointly and severally responsible for the timely repayment.

Extend the repayment period – this allows you to reduce the monthly installment, which will translate into an increase in creditworthiness. However, you must remember that a longer loan period is associated with a larger amount to be paid to the bank for the loan service itself.

Choose equal installments – as opposed to the so-called in decreasing installments, installments of equal amount do not require a larger injection of cash at the beginning of lending, so the chances of getting a loan increase.

Decide for other products of the bank – the bank looks favorably on people who decide, for example, to purchase additional loan insurance, offering them a lower margin or a better interest rate. Often, it also provides preferential credit conditions to people who have been in an open account for some time.

If you have not yet taken up no financial obligations, and you want to try for a mortgage, for example, build your credit history to become more credible for the bank. All you have to do is take out a small loan or buy something in installments and repay it on time. In this way, you will show the bank that you are an honest borrower.


Make a loan in the currency in which you ern. It’s a golden rule that usually works. Banks, taking into account the unfortunate case of an increase in the value of the Swiss franc, also apply additional collateral – from borrowers wishing to borrow money in a different currency, they require significantly higher creditworthiness.

What to do if you do not have credit worthiness?

What to do if you do not have credit worthiness?

Have you checked everything and you already know that with your creditworthiness is not the best and the bank will definitely not give you credit? You can decide to get a loan from a loan company. Pay attention to whether the institution applies to the anti-usury law, look for opinions on the internet and carefully analyze the available offers. Choose the one that is clearly described and there are no hidden costs.

However, before you do it, make sure you do not get a loan, any non-bank loan even the cheapest is many times more expensive than a bank loan.

Contact us and we will determine in a few minutes what is preventing you from getting a loan!

Consolidation Loan

Consolidation is a merger, and in the financial dimension it is possible to talk about adding up all financial liabilities charged to a given entity in order to reduce the amount of regularly repaid capital and interest installments. When, how and who can take out a consolidation loan? has details

Several loans in one

Several loans in one

Consumer loan, car loan, mortgage loan, credit card and overdraft line as well as loan – at one time we can have several different financial obligations on credit and loan institutions on our account. As a result, our home budget is burdened with several capital and interest installments, repaid in different amounts and at different dates.

For arranging the financial situation and reducing the total repayment of installments, you can decide to take a consolidation loan in the bank. It is a specific, purposeful commitment, intended for the repayment of existing loans and credits previously drawn. When granting a consolidation loan at the request of the borrower, the bank does not pay him money on the account, he only settles accounts at the institutions in which the customer is indebted. At once, all liabilities are repaid, and the borrower settles with only one new creditor, paying him a monthly installment.

Two basic types of consolidation loans can be distinguished: cash and mortgage. Securing a mortgage with a bank entry in the land and mortgage register means that a consolidation loan can be granted on very preferential terms, but in return for a lower interest rate and monthly installments, we “pledge” our own flat or house.

Is this a good solution?

Is this a good solution?

The advantage of a consolidation loan is to organize its financial obligations – all existing ones can be repaid by the bank in which the client incurs a consolidation loan, which will make the borrower pay only one installment for the creditor. The amount of the installment is usually lower than the sum of previously repaid installments. Together with the consolidation loan, you can receive an additional amount of funds for any use.

A consolidation loan is recommended to people with good financial standing and high creditworthiness who do not have to pay any repayments. A consolidation loan can never be equated with a debt loan. The bank will not give such an obligation to someone who has negative entries in the Credit Information Bureau and has, so far, paid capital and interest installments.

Free Non-bank Loan, Minute – Why do Companies Give Loans for Free?

Why do Companies Give Loans for Free?

Why do Companies Give Loans for Free?

Along with each year, there are more people who decide to use the free time card. This should not surprise us, because at first glance, it is an extremely attractive offer that does not bring additional costs, and the transaction runs very smoothly. This form of loan may be useful especially in crisis situations when we need cash and we have no money to borrow from. An editorial over at

There are currently 15 non-bank companies operating on the Polish market, of which only one does not offer a free first loan. New customers may be tempted by amounts ranging from 500 to 1600 PLN. However, there are such companies as, for example, Vivus, who offers the first payday amounting up to PLN 2,500. Considering that the potential customer has a month to donate, it is a very large amount that can be a big problem.

Free first loans are an absolute must-have, which has permanently inscribed on the cards of non-bank institutions. Due to the high competition, it is known that the client will choose a branch offering more favorable conditions and promotions. The addition consists of various types of rankings and comparison websites of lenders that show the true face prevailing in a particular company. With such a packed market, following trends is almost a necessary solution, thanks to which they will not be excluded from the “game”.

Many non-bank institutions treat the first free non-bank loan as an advertisement. If the customer uses this type of offer in the event of a crisis financial situation, he will certainly be satisfied with its speed of operation and most likely will again ask the company for help. Thanks to the free first loan, many companies have emerged on the market and gathered many regular customers.

There are also companies that advertise a free loan, in fact they impose on the customer an additional payment, for example, for sending a contract or text message that reminds you of the repayment of the installment. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is necessary to read the contract in detail.

Due to the high competition, companies are constantly proposing favorable offers to win customers. The task of the person applying for the loan is to use such an offer that will not lead him to the proverbial misleading. Sound budget planning and thorough analysis will certainly avoid any problems.

Loan for a New Business – Fast and Efficient Quick Loan


A Loan for any a New Business


A loan for any a new business up to 10,000,000 NIS

Setting up and opening a new business requires a small investment. Usually, the entrepreneur is required to invest large sums, even before he sees the first shekel entering the business. A summary is on

A loan to a new business is therefore required mainly to establish the business, to purchase inventories and to pay salaries to employees in the seam between the start of operations and the receipt of revenues from sales.

Why is it harder to get a loan for a new business than another loan? What are the possibilities for obtaining such a loan? What are the criteria used by lenders before they provide such a loan? In the following lines, we will briefly discuss these issues.


A Loan for a New Business and Why it is Difficult to Get it.


A loan for a new business and why it is difficult to get it

Ostensibly, if a person who decided to invest in a new business has collateral, then he can get a loan. And whoever does not have it will not accept. The whole point is, if someone has money, he will not need a loan, and whoever does not have it will simply not open a business. is it true? Not necessarily.

The fact is that both state-guaranteed funds and banks and various financial institutions provide loans to a new business, even under good conditions, even to those who can not provide appropriate guarantees. In fact, obtaining a loan depends on how the business is presented to the lender.

Typically, the entrepreneur is required to prepare a business plan, which if properly prepared and well reasoned, a loan to a new business will be accepted quickly. Such a loan constitutes a calculated risk for the lender, and therefore its terms will be different than a loan to an existing business.


A Loan for a New Business and the Possibilities Available


A loan for a new business and the possibilities available


With the entities that grant a loan to a new business under reasonable terms, it is certainly possible to appoint the banks, insurance companies and State guaranteed funds. However, obtaining a loan from the banks and from state-guaranteed funds is quite slow and involves waiting.

Since the entrepreneur can not always wait, there is the possibility of contacting other, more agile bodies. In any case, presenting a business plan is almost always a necessary condition for obtaining a loan for a new business . Without such a plan can not obtain a loan. Even a non-professional and inappropriate plan will result in the prevention of the loan.


A Loan for any Purpose up to NIS 10,000,000 within 48 Hours


A loan for any purpose up to NIS 10,000,000 within 48 hours


If you have an interest in getting a loan to a new business relatively quickly and under good conditions, this is the right place for you.

You should contact now and the professionals of the quick loan will get back to you as soon as possible.

They will help you in finding the most suitable loan and will accompany you until you get the loan in your bank account.

Consolidation of Loans via the Internet

Consolidation of loans via the Internet

Consolidation of loans via the Internet

Many of us used Internet loans. It is an opportunity to receive quick cash, often without certificates and no security. Due to the possibility of getting a free time, we often make another loan without forgetting. There is nothing wrong with borrowing money online, the problem arises when we are unable to pay our debts. Individual companies are pursuing us, demanding interest and threatening the debt collector. What to do in such a situation and if you can consolidate payday loans online?

Banks do not provide consolidation loans for payday loans

Banks do not provide consolidation loans for payday loans

Consolidation is a combination of several financial liabilities contracted into one, with the possibility of paying off a single installment per month. Its main advantage is the reduction of monthly costs of loan or credit servicing and extending the loan period. Unfortunately, banks do not offer consolidation of loans over the internet. They only offer a combination of cash loans or loans, but taken from other banking institutions. Popular weekly arrivals are not included in this procedure. Unfortunately, Poles make one of the most common mistakes that cause them to become entangled in the debt network. Namely, they take out Internet loans to pay their debts, for example in a bank. To avoid this kind of solution, you should think about consolidating your debts in advance. However, it is worth applying for a short break only for satisfying your urgent material needs.

Casharp has the offer to consolidate payday loans

Casharp has the offer to consolidate payday loans

The Casharp loan company, which deals in online payday offers, also offers a consolidation loan for repayment of loans over the internet. The minimum loan amount is PLN 2,000, the maximum is PLN 16,000. The offer is addressed to people who are 18 years of age or older. Casharp does not require any income certificates, however, he examines the creditworthiness of his potential clients. In addition, it checks the borrowers’ data in the Credit Information Bureau. However, the cost of consolidating online loans is higher than for consolidation loans offered by banks. Nevertheless, this process for Casharp is faster and payday consolidation takes place even in one day. The loan application must be completed online, where we additionally select the amount of the monthly installment and the repayment period. Consolidation of loans over the internet can only be offered to the borrower who regularly repays his debt.